Special Education Day is December 2!


Celebrate and consider reform for the future! 

We mark the anniversary of the nation's first federal special education law--December 2, 1975, as a day to reflect and reform. 

Special Education Day, the national holiday listed in Chase's Calendar of events,  began in 2005. That year marked the 30th anniversary of the IDEA--the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

2013 marks the 9th anniversary of Special Education Day. 

Where were we when President Gerald Ford signed the ground-breaking legislation?  And, where are we now?  We have come a long way and now provide access to education for all children, including children with disabilities.  For a story about President Ford's signing statement, please click here.

And, where do we need to be tomorrow?  We take the day to honor progress and celebrate students with disabilities--and their parents, teachers and schools. And, we dialogue and plan for the future for all students in our schools and for appropriate reforms. 

One reform that was launched through Special Education Day is SpedEx. It's an innovative, successful child-focused dispute resolution model that is free for schools and parents--and works to create trust between the parties. For information about SpedEx, please visit www.spedexresolution.com.

The Special Education Day Committee (SPEDCO) plans to celebrate Special Education Day in 2013.   We also urge you to sponsor and event to celebrate the 9th Annual Special Education Day in your community in your own ways.

If you plan to host a celebration (large or small) in your school district or community, we are happy to provide encouragement and assistance.  Please contact us at

May our reforms move special education forward--to improve the teaching and learning for all students--general and special education.


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